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    Jim C

    9 AM LINE Fairfield Ohio

    1. Kristina Townsend R
    2. Hannah Hanbury (SATURDAY) R
    3. Alaina Kappner R
    4. Alexa Hill R
    5. Chelsea Obrebski R
    6. Howard Moshier C
    7. Owen Shedroff R
    8. Noah Shedroff C
    9. Ian Coombe R
    10. Liam Smith R
    11. Spencer Johnson (SATURDAY) R
    12. Derek Hsiao R
    13. Sean McL R
    14. Daniel McL R
    15. Al Kramer R


    1.Liz Coombe BB
    2. Paula Pritchard R
    3. Hannah Hanbury (SUNDAY) R
    4.Spencer Johnson (SUNDAY) R
    5.Kelsey Taylor R
    6. Robt McAuliffe C F
    7. Zachary Johnson R


    Jim C

    9 AM

    16. Karin Oh R VISITOR


    Jim C

    Morning LIne is filled though we have a couple who are only shooting one day or the other

    Afternoon line is about 2/3 filled which is OK because we have lots of JOAD archers I expect will shoot both events NEXT YEAR



    OK, Here’s the scoop,
    JOAD LINE, Packed and Stacked, no more room!
    Line 1: pretty much packed and stacked, we have 1 opening, but let’s say, for the sake of argument it is closed
    Line 2: we have 11 positions opened
    Line 3: we had just in case we needed overflow time.

    If we are to keep this as a permanent indoor nationals venue, then we need every club to bring everyone they can. So, if we get this again next year. let’s everyone (all coaches) do all we can to get as many of our people shooting as possible. If we need to we can open a second JOAD line, but I’ll need firm numbers before I can do that, prior to when I have to have date/times to USAA. I’ll keep y’all posted for what happens for 2014.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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