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    I am going to state this here, so that all who read it might learn from this:

    We have put on Local, Regional and National events here at CJO, and EVERY tournament I have to call SEVERAL PEOPLE because they don’t fill out applications properly and thoroughly. If it requires circling something, DO SO. If it requires checking something off, DO SO. FILL IN ALL THE BOXES, just like a score card!

    Also, there are people who knowingly sent their applications AFTER the deadline date who did NOT enclose late fees, I will be asking for them at the shoot, you know who you are. Stated on the application: NO EXCEPTIONS, to the late fee. I am holding true to that.

    The late fees for Nationals are HALF of what the shoot fee is. Maybe we, as FAO should institute that as a standard for our tournament applications, not that I want to prevent people from shooting, I want to prevent applications from arriving LATE, and HALF a tournament fee, is enough incentive to get it in BEFORE the cut off date.

    Also, when you know the dates of tournaments and if you check THIS web site the applications are there, sign up right away, don’t wait until the cut off date! That way you log it into your calendar, you have it there, your application is in, and that CHORE is over and done with and you have “extra money” in your pocket for being early or on time, and you have a happy tournament paper pusher!

    Watch for Indoor Nationals applications on We are hosting it again at the armory, MARCH 1,2 & 3, 2013 and I hope all are coming back, as we had a really great turn out!!!!

    Please accept my apologies if I was a bit brash, but as one who has to deal with all these issues, it does get a bit frustrating.

    Thanks for your thoroughness in the future!

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