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    We are adding a collegiate division to the State Outdoor. I am looking into if there are any differences but we hope to draw some of the OSU, Columbus State, and hopefully Case Western shooters.



    The first applications are rolling in. We are finalizing team events. We are trying to decide between a separate team event or having teams sign up prior to shooting on saturday and doing combined scores.

    We will not make everyone happy on this but we are trying to find a way to make things interesting.

    The team round would consist of 3 shooters per team. The team members will have to be registered in different divisions. IE… 1 senior male comp, 1 senior female compound, 1 cub male compound. We will then total up scores and issue awards. We are considering separating recurves and compounds or requiring that both recurves and compounds be included in the team. It would be a flat rate price per team with either a cash payout or a functional prize.


    Jim C

    Jason Lewis does best two compounds, best two recurves shooting the full distance but that is a regional where several states have sufficient teams.

    or you can limit it to registered clubs-ACE, CRA, CFA, CJO and Mudjaw-three of the same bow-open (i.e. men and women) like they did at nationals.

    Or it could be open-say Chelsea Obrebski, Paula Pritchard and Connie Kochert shooting together and another team of say Tim Irvin, Dan Brewer and Matt Zolman
    Or Howard Moshier, Julie Kitchell and Dan Lane

    you can go by scores shot at the first day , the longest distance or you can have a real team event-24 arrow elimination matches split by bow type at 70 Meters



    72 Registered so far. 20 ahead of last year



    Well, the State Outdoor has drawn to a close.
    I shot my PB! I’d like to thank Jim Coombe, Steve Cornell, and Darrell Pace for guiding me along the road! I broke 900, and that has been my goal for a while, now onward to 1000!
    The new target mats are great for the compound archers! We had one the first day, and pulling the arrows out of it was, shall we say, a bit tough! Gayle had to lube her arrows every end, and that means “Scorpion Venom” all over the arrows, and all over the arrow pullers, making them slick as heck, and unable to pull! We dealt with it!
    Thanks to the ACE Archer’s for putting on the shoot.
    A piece of constructive criticism (from a person who has helped set up MANY State and National events). Field lines, you were missing the 3 meter mark! Consult the FITA manual for what lines, etc. you need to have on the field. You can download the NEW FITA (WAR) RULE BOOK here: Otherwise the field was impeccable! Nice crisp lines, straight, etc. Maybe a “good idea” would be to have one person from each club designated to advise/help with set-up, and other “tournament” issues.



    Congrats Liz and thanks to ACE Archers for another great shoot! Chris and the gang to a wonderful job and truly try to make every event top notch. Anybody know the final numbers?

    Gotta say that the male senior recurve was the most competitive it’s been for a while. Pretty cool to see Dan Zelinski, Jason McKittrick shooting and to finally meet Jason Pfister.


    Jim C

    good shooting Matt. Thankfully the rain didn’t come when we were shooting.



    Thanks to the Ace Archers for putting on another fine tournament. Great way to close out the year!!!

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