Ohio Tournaments.

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    Gary Sexton

    Some details??


    Gary Sexton

    I’m sorry that post didn’t exactly work the way I thought it would. I know it’s a new cite but I see no way to edit a post which I would have just done on my original.

    I belong to NAA, NFAA, OAA, CCFSC, and Senior Olympics. I tried to join FITA but I couldn’t figure out how or if it is even possible. For me it is a matter of support for the organizations that make the sport.

    With all those memberships comes a little bit of confusion going from tournament to tournament put on by whatever Association. I am suddenly leaning toward all the FITA shoots, shooting two last year and I will do at least three three this year.

    I know the Double 900 is a two day with 30 shots each at 60-50-40 meters with a 122 cm target, each day. The Helwig/Pierson is a two day with 72 shots each day at 50 meters but I don’t remember what size/sizes of targets.
    I have no idea what the State Outdoor Fita details are. Also I have heard of Full FITA’S so I assume there are Half FITA’S, I tried to Google them at It seems the people who participate can’t agree on the details. Maybe this information is available somewhere but I haven’t been able to find it.

    As we seem to do these each year it would be nice if the Individual rules for the individual events were readily available on this site.

    Thankks for everything you people do.



    Hey Gary,

    By becoming a member of USAA (formally NAA), you in turn are a FITA member as USAA is the governing body of FITA archery in the US. By the way, FITA is now referred to as World Archery, but there are still FITA rounds. I know, very confusing.

    You are correct about the format of the Double 900. I’m not totally sure of the Helwig format, but I think it changes each year based on national shooting formats. Meaning one year, it could be 72 arrow at 70 meters or a full FITA. We’ll see what the tournament organizer wants to do once more info is posted.

    From what I know, and I could be totally wrong, but there are no official half FITAs. Unless you consider only shooting one of the two days a half. I believe the term “full FITA” is in comparison to the 70 meter rounds and not half FITAs.


    Gary Sexton

    Thanks mattzolman, that makes things a little more clear. I hope there will be others chime in.


    Kim Birch

    A little clarification on a Half FITA. We shot a round for a while in Cleveland that was a Half FITA – I believe it was even an actual recognized round, not something that we just made up. Instead of 36 arrows at each of the 4 distances, it is 18 arrows at each of the 4 distances.

    I don’t think that a half FITA can be considered shooting only one day of a FITA round. A round is a specified number of arrows at specific distances, no matter how many days it takes. If you only shoot only part of them (say half) you did not shoot a “Half FITA” you “shot” a FITA but basically missed half the arrows by not participating in the entire round. Hate to sound harsh, but…..

    Anyway, to confuse you even more, there was also a round called a FITA Pass. You shot 18 arrows at each of the 4 distances, furthest distance to closest distance as usual. Then you shot 18 arrows at each of the same 4 distances but this time from the closest distance to the furthest distance.


    Gary Sexton

    Kim, I used the term \\\”Half FITA\\\” because I found info on \\\”a FITA round\\\” and a \\\”full FITA\\\” round thinking one was something less than the other. I\\\’m finding there is no set procedure on some of the shoots and they are to be determined later. So at this point I have some of my answers but not all and will continue to watch this forum, quietly/ silently, until I get my \\\”decoder ring\\\” 🙂



    We are working on outlines for every tournament. In the meantime you should be able to find all of the registration forms on the website.

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