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    Jim C

    Ohio had a decent showing at the EJN though we had some major disappointments or “so close moments” in the OR Rounds

    in the ranking round the top JOAD performance was Sean McLaughlin who won the Junior Recurve division. Ryan Penhallurick won the clout but was 18/20 in the Junior recurve division Brooke McDonald was 2nd in a small Bowman Compound division and Breanna Rutkowski was third I Molly Clawson placed in the 2nd out of three girls in the cub division (hard to say why it was so low)

    Ian coombe shot OK in the Cub with a better second day to finish 6th in a very strong 22 person field-his score was the highest from Ohio since this 50M single distance started, Ali Hill improved her State JOAD score by about 100 points as she finished with 1064 and in 16th place in the largest cadet lady field in recent memory.

    Izzie Smith of ACE was in 30th with a 916

    our CJO bowman boys recurve didn’t do too well in a field where 1300+ was needed to place.

    In cadet recurve boys, Andrew create had not practiced much and it showed, in cadet compound boys, CJO’s Noah Shedroff was 17th out of 27but only 17 points out of 10th

    Dan McLaughlin was the top Senior man from Ohio (not counting Olympian living at the OTC Jacob Wukie) Chelsea was our top lady and won the clout as did Ian

    Connie Kochert won the 50+ NTC as did Liz Coombe in BB (she was the only BB archer in the entire adult event!!)

    in the OR rounds both Ian=who had zero focus=and Sean M who had some alignment issues were upset. Spencer Johnson won a good first match and took the eventual winner to 4 all. the other boy shot a 6 but Spencer shot a 2 and lost

    Ali came back from a deficit to get a 4-4 tie-she started with a 8-10 to the other girl’s 8-7 but needing a 6 to win she shot a four and lost

    Owen Shedfroof won his first match and then went up against a Tapei 1300+ archer who looked unbeatable in practice. Owen tied the boy with a strong 28 last end-one arrow shoot off-both shoot nines-the CT boy’s arrow was 1/8 and inch closer to the center.

    Noah won one, lost one. Molly Clawson was third of three but she still earned medals in the main round, the OR and overall. Sean M was third in overall despite his 5th place finish in the OR. Brooke McDonald was second in all three rankings, Breanna finished court in the OR and I believe the girl who beat her for the bronze got the third place overall (they change the rules as to Tie breakers every year it seems)

    the team events for JOADs were a pretty pathetic operation in terms of fairness-it was cancelled before it could conclude due to the heat (thank God, because we got hit with a brutal straight line 85 MPH wind that took out my windshield, dozens of tents and target stands)

    Jamie Van Natta of Toledo had a great tournament. sometime Hamilton resident Erika ANschutz won the NTC in ladies compound but didn’t make it to the medal round in the Hoyt Open

    Connie was second in the Master’s OR she beat BB Liz in the first round

    I was stunned how few Ohio compound archers participated-Howard Moshier of CJO not only was busting his ass all week long helping with the field, he finished third in the master’s compound and fourth in the OR

    The Twins along with house guest Nathan Yamaguchi of Arizona were the 2 seeds in the open recurve teams. They lost a one point semi to canada’s top male, its top jr Female and another male team member but then crushed the second three RAs (Kale, Smith and Cusick) to win bronze

    Our Men’s olympic team set a national record winning with a 230/240 our Olympic ladies did not play-the recurve event was mixed gender

    ACE and CRA please add to this


    Jim C

    I hate the auto correct feature-its ANDREW CREATH

    wish there was an edit function


    Jim C

    Breanna finished FOURTH (did I say how much I hate the auto spell feature) in the OR



    It was overall a great tournament and ohio was represented very well. From Ace we had Nick Paselsky come in 60th/75th with a very rough day 2. Izzy Smith 30th out of 45 which blew my mind considering she has only been shooting for 6 months. Molly Clawson blew me away with two Personal records and coming in 2nd. Shelby Doughty had a rough first day but stepped it up big the second day. In the OR round she one her first rd and then lost in the last end to the number 1 cadet in the country. Matthew Dinsmore, in only his second tournament, shot 50 points higher than he has in practice. As far as adults Paula Pritchard came in 1st in Master 60+ recurve and Tim Irvin had to withdraw on day two due to equipment problems he experienced on day one.

    Congrats to all ohioans who came and rallied through the 100 degree temperatures.


    Jim C

    Ohio dominated the masters’ ladies events-Connie beat several good shooters to win the 50+ recurve while Liz and Paula scared off the rest of the competition in their respective divisions. Chelsea won the most contested clout division-ladies’ recurve beating a many time national clout champion while Ryan P and Ian C won youth and cub


    I (Ryan Penhallurick) would just like to correct that I was actually ranked 16th in the overall rankings after the elimination round and the 3-arrow average. I was 18th in the ranking round, due to a rough two days (especially the 2nd day).

    Also, thank you for posting the final standings for everyone in Ohio.

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