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    At the Ace shoot last month there were 17 people in the 50+ and 60+ group. As of Jim’s last posting, there are three registered for this tournament. I understand and have no problem, in fact I applaud, CJO’s emphasis on the JOAD participation but I don’t understand the lack of adult participation. Many of the difficulties mentioned above for the youth do not apply to the adults. Could there just be an underlying problem with having tournaments in the southern part of the state? It shouldn’t be a big deal for those around Columbus or in the middle of the state but I can see the northern people and Cleveland area shooters being hesitant.
    I’d be interested to know how the shooter’s list breaks down as for as north, mid or south. Maybe all the tournament should be in the middle of the state.
    Just saying.



    Liz- The club pretty much started over from scratch a little over a year ago. We are doing our best to get to tournaments. We have 9 kids who have purchased new equipment in the last month and most of it is not all set up yet. They are all interested in competing but next weekend was just a little too soon for most of them. The club also subsidized nationals for a few members and doesn’t have the money to help out with another tournament currently. Most of our kids are going to nationals for the experience, not to come in first. You should see much larger turnout’s from Ace in the future. I will not be able to shoot Saturday but I hope to maybe make it sunday if there is room.

    Gary – I think there would be a little better turnout in central ohio. However, I think that any club that wants to host tournaments should be able to. Tournaments are good money makers for clubs and they should be spread out. Maybe we could talk Art and Julie into hosting a shoot. We have been searching for indoor venues to hold tournaments in columbus but I honestly don’t know where to start or how to go about it. I would definitely like to hold an indoor shoot here, and maybe even make it a cash payout. I think we could really up the turnout.



    Thanks Chris for the reply. OAA has their indoor championship at a local High school, it works out really well, you could talk to Doug Sheliga who is involved in physically setting the thing up and see what it might take or get hold of Jeremy Evans for more details.



    Chris, thanks for the reply. I don’t think $35/shooter and $80/family is outrageous! I did think the $150 for Nationals WAS TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS. I even gave it a second thought. As far as hotels, and staying here Columbus is 2-2.5 hours away and totally doable for driving every morning, if you are so inclined, but the cost of gas, may outweigh the stay/food. So, if any of your people might still want a WARM UP tournament before being thrown in with the sharks at Nationals, have them contact me directly at my email address which you have.
    Gary, Honestly, the Cleveland people have ALWAYS shown up at our shoots! so that is no really an issue. Ask the old timers, Doug Pritchett, Kim Birch, Steve Andresh…they all used to come and are making a come back this shoot, PLUS Doug is bringing his two daughters!!! I am grateful to each for their efforts to come down!
    We have hosted Olympic trials, National JOAD tournaments, National Target Championships, and have ALWAYS had a great turn-out. SO to say that the problem might be in Southwest Ohio is JUST NOT TRUE! Besides, YOU live here in SW Ohio!!! Why would you not help promote a shoot here?!?!?!!!
    CJO is known countrywide for having awesome shoots, with lots of offerings to the archery community, when they come here! Check out on archery talk, and look at the threads on past national target championships!!! We are pleased to have been hand picked by USA Archery to have Nationals here again this year, and hopefully into the future.
    The reason, as Jim stated, we are having our State Shoot within 2 weeks of NTC is to give the archers, competing in NTC/EJN tournament, a good feeling of what they will be shooting at Nationals. Simple, and brilliant too! Proper Prior Practice Prevents Poor Performance!! The 6 Ps of archery success! Write them down and remember them!


    Jim C

    Maddie S Senior female recurve
    Mike S-50+ Male recurve



    I’m sorry Liz. I never thought about the tournaments being fund raisers and I don’t know who is from where, I was only trying to figure out why the different turn-out..

    CJO shoots are always top rate and I meant no harm.

    I have to go to Cleveland for the Senior Qualifier and I am not looking forward to the trip but I will go if I want to shoot. I was only wondering if that is a factor.


    Julie K

    Art , Don Casteel, And myself have set up many tournaments in the past, as many of you know. The reason we have stopped is because you can only do it for so many years by yourself before you get burnt out. At the time we were hosting the tournaments as a club, we had just re-opened the club since Manning closed down the old one. We only had a few members at that time, so we were left to do all the work. Since We chose to stop doing the tournaments, our club funds went down massively. So even if we decided to hold another tournament we could not afford it.

    As of a few months ago our club just teamed up with a local private school. We Added 12 new kids to our club right away…with more people asking about joining up as well. It is our hope that within the next year we will have a much bigger club with parents who are willing to help (since most of our parents now are very helpful) so that we can start biding on tournaments again.

    As far as holding an indoor tournament in Columbus Chris….What we did the last time we held one was Rented an empty store front for the weekend. There are lots of empty stores for lease on the east side of Columbus that are willing to be rented out for a weekend just so they can get some money out of them for a change instead of just sitting empty. Talk to Art about it if you want more details.


    Jim C

    Milan B-CJO cub recurve
    Me-depends if we need to fill a target!

    DOS Brandon A
    COJ Me

    field crew-TBD



    Well I guess I missed the obvious, the seventeenth is Fathers Day.


    Jim C

    it is a balance to the 900 being on mother’s day. shooting archery with my kid is a good father’s day for me!!


    Jim C

    we will be setting the field at 10 AM. we should have it open for practice at 5 PM

    if you get there before 5 and no one is around- I will be back at 5



    Jim C

    80 CM faces for recurve. some of the older shooters who are not interested in nationals asked about shooting the full sized 80 CM face. I will ask saturday who wants to do that and I probably can accommodate that request with 3 -or 2 people on a target. I know the senior men who are entered in nationals-Dan M. Dan B, Matt Z and Tim Irvin most likely want to shoot the individual faces to get ready for nationals. Same with Chelsea Obrebski. compounds for sure- with these six arrow rounds but I will ask the adult recurves. we have enough of both targets matts



    Jim C

    The field was set by 4 except for a tape not being tight required new hash marks everything looks good. Doug P and his daughters, Kim B and Steve A rolled in from Cleveland and set a tent up. The twins, Derek Ali and Noah, all experienced CJO archers shot some practice along with our newest member Milan B.

    we have a good group coming down from Cleveland and Art K’s columbus FITA archers have several as well to go along with a fairly strong CJO group will Daniel B-with his graduation party tomorrow night break the 1300 score? will Matt Z continue his hot streak from the Double 900 where he had a most decisive win. will Chelsea O continue to be the top lady in Ohio in recurve? Will the squid win yet another Ohio JOAD title-last year was one of three losses he has had in Ohio in 6 years. Stay tuned


    Jim C

    well things were interesting today. at 8.30 the weather report said no rain until late tonight so we went with the paper targets. unfortunately at End 2 on the second distances very thin cloud cover generated a massive downpour half way through the B line. We stopped the line as some of the targets fell apart. Most of the score sheets were destroyed as well but fortunately there is a copy center a half mile away-off to the center went liz-new plastic faces were obtained, new score sheets and since there was thunder, we had to wait 30 Minutes anyway. Three people had radar up-no one saw it coming. it was a quarter mile by mile heavy storm that lasted 10 minutes that was a mere pin prick on the radar screen

    Today’s event we term the “night of the whiffing dead” as there were dozens upon dozens of misses. most were found as plenty of detectors were brought. We had it all though. we had one master compound archer retire feeling ill, Doug P’s youngest daughter wasn’t hydrating and was out three rounds with a medical issue-fortunately, she was able to make up her arrows at the end. Twin #1 Dan M was a few points down to Matt Z in senior men when he and his brother had to leave-a round of graduation parties tonight including their own Brother Sean was the only Junior man though.

    Doug P back shooting quit a bit early to take care of his daughter-he will be back shooting tomorrow.

    CRA brought several kids-some very new but that is the way to gain experience. I believe CJO is leading all of the boys recurve-CJO had the only entries in bowman boys recurve, CRA the only girls. In Cub boys, I think “the Squid” was leading with a near 600 score. IN Cadet Boys, Derek H was the only archer with significant experience. Jordan Benadum was the only cub compound, the One archer from ACE who signed up did not appear. Noah S of CJO shot a strong score in the cadet boys compound. In Junior girls recurve, Alaina K-a shooter who started this year is having a good battle with Columbus’s Kelsey T. In Cadet girls, Ali H of CJO was leading Taylor P of Cleveland.

    More tomorrow-we start earlier with a short break between the two short distances


    Jim C

    Results are on their way to Chris

    Turnout in JOAD

    CJO (does not count Dan McLaughlin who shot as a senior)

    11 archers

    Crooked River Archers-the farthest club from the field 8 Archers

    Columbus Fita Archers-4 kids including Kelsey Taylor who made a great comeback to edge Alaina Kappner (CJO-shooting her first outdoor tournament) by one point

    Mudjaw Bowmen (Toledo) three compound archers-all three won their respective divisions

    some of the highlights

    Matt Zolman shoots a 1224 FITA : his score at 30 beats most of the compound archers

    Howard Moshier’s 1301 in 50+ compound

    Noah Shedroff’s 653 first day score (50 Meters-80CM Individual spot)

    Ian Coombe’s 606 at 50 Meter 122 cm target

    today we avoided the rain though we had to take a 30 Minute electrical storm break with one end to go. I think we set an Ohio record for a field tear down and awards ceremony though

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