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    Jim C

    Entries so far

    Ian C-CJO-Cub Recurve
    Sophia S-CRA Cadet Compount
    Dan B-CJO SR recurve
    AL K-CJO 70+ Recurve
    Chelsea O CJO-Sr Recurve

    Gary S 60+ Compound
    Joey G CJO Bowman Recurve
    Howard M CJO 50+ compound
    Spencer J CJO cub recurve
    Alexa H CJO cadet Recurve

    Art K CFA Sr COmpound
    Matt Z Sr Recurve

    Kim B Sr Recurve

    Randall D CRA Cadet compound


    Jim C

    Paula P-60+ recurve
    The Twins one Sr, one Jr
    Alaina K-Jr Recurve


    Jim C

    More entires

    Neal A-CFA Cadet Recurve

    Noah S-CJO Cadet Compound
    Owen S-CJO-Bowman-Recurve


    Jim C

    Three more

    Derek H CJO Cadet Recurve
    Alan H CJO Cub Recurve
    George H CJO Senior Recurve



    Hey Jim – about how far is parking from the field? Just trying to plan ahead for Stevie. Also, will it be possible to come to the field Friday evening to set up the tarp?



    Hey Jim, I’m pretty disappointed our kids are not coming down. Most of them just couldn’t swing that weekend and then 5 days for nationals the next week. I might still send in my late registration if I can get my bow together to shoot. I will email you if I can. It’s always one of my favorite tournaments. Keep us posted on entries. people seem to love that.


    Jim C

    Kim: normally the cars ae within 100 yards of the field-some years we have parked on the grass right behind the field-other times they have made us park in an area just north of the field but you can pull up next to the shooting line and drop Steve off.

    Chris-we picked this weeked for several reasons. In the past, the CRA/Cleveland people wanted it later since they don’t get outside as soon as we do. Memorial weekend is graduation weekend at several schools or the weekend before final exams for many others. Many families have set plans on this weekend as well The first weekend in June is by far the most popular for graduations (the twins graduated that weekend). The 9-10 is a USAT shoot and the North Region field and I have an agreement with Jason that we don’t conflict with North events even if the # of Ohio people going to the field is very small.

    We also figured that closer to nationals means kids would be better trained and would want an event 10 days before they have to compete. Next year nationals will probably be later in July =the olympics is why its early this year.



    Jim –
    I agree completely. I think it would be great training and I thought I would have a lot of kids coming, but as one bailed more followed. Nothing will ever be good for everyone. I was going through posts about Nationals last night and even going through last years posts along with previous years. The same people complain year after year no matter what happens. Hope to see everyone next weekend!


    Jim C

    we put on good tournaments and if kids don’t want to compete, its their loss. I cannot think of a better weekend if one plans on shooting the nationals. Its close enough that the weather should be similar and you can tell where your form is but with a ten day interval you have enough time to work on something if our tournament shows a deficiency. Plus no one can say they have tests or school commitments to interfere.


    Jim C

    current entries


    Grace A-Bowman
    Tori P-bowman
    Taylor P-Cadet
    Ali H Cadet
    Alaina K-Junior
    Kelsey T-Junior
    Kim B-Senior
    Chelsea O-Senior
    Paula P-60+
    Joey G-Bowman
    Owen S-Bowman
    Ian C-Cub
    Alan H-Cub
    George H-Senior
    Spencer J-cub
    Spencer K-cub
    Derek H-Cadet
    Conner A-cadet
    Neal A-Cadet
    Sean M-Junior
    Daniel M-senior
    David J-Senior
    Matt Z-Senior
    Steve A-Senior (shooting 70M FITA)
    Dan B-Senior
    Al K-70+
    Doug P-Senior
    Tim I-Senior
    Randall H 70+

    Hunter L Cub
    Sophia Scadet
    Rui (dora) T SENIOR
    Alec B-Bowman
    Parker K-bowman
    Jordan B-Cub
    Randall D-Cadet
    Noah S Cadet
    Joey A Junior
    Joe A-Senior
    Mark B-senior
    John B-senior
    Art K senior
    HOward M 50+
    Gary S 60+
    Doug S-60+

    Breanna R-I believe is compound but LIz has her as recurve-will check the form


    Jim C

    remember the format-72 arrows a day for everyone all 6 arrow ends at four minutes per end

    Junior recurve-144 arrows @ 122 CM face at 70M
    Cadet Recurve-144 arrows @122 CM Face at 60M
    Cub Recurve-144 arrows @ 122 CM face at 50M
    Bowman Recurve-144 arrows @ 122 CM face 30 Meters

    Senior Male recurve 90/70/50/30 FITA-individual 80 six ring targets on sunday
    Master Men and Senior Ladies-70/60/50/30 FITA-individual 6 ring targets on sunday
    Master Women-60/50/40/30

    Bowman Compound-144 arrows @25 meters on a 6 ring individual 80 CM Face
    Cub Compound-144 arrows@30M on an individual 6 ring face
    Cadets and Juniors-144 arrows at 50M on an individual 6 ring face

    Senior Men-same as the recurve
    Master men and senior ladies-same as the recurves
    Master women-same as the recurve

    Xbow-if one enters I will consult with them!!!



    I’m going to chime in here, and it is a matter of support for our STATE SHOOTS. Less shooters=less $ for the organization.
    CJO ALWAYS has a good turn out for ANY tournament! We have kids who have just started shooting who are going to shoot the shoot, and they have to drive from pretty far away. We have people from CLEVELAND area about a 4 hour drive & opposite side of Ohio from Cincinnati area coming.
    Practice starts at 11, scoring at noon. Only ONE night’s stay is required! No vacation days either, unless you work weekends.
    If we have people who will not support the shoots, then why have them? They take a GREAT deal of work, as most of us know.
    I don’t know what your answer is Chris, but I think, if you EXPECT other clubs to support the Columbus shoots, it is your responsibility to get your families involved, like the Comers used to be involved. It’s disappointing to host something, and to have traveled to compete at other shoots that benefit other clubs, NOT to have reciprocity play a role. Just saying, what is fair is fair.



    Liz – I understand where you are coming from. I have 6 families going to nationals. The registration alone is 150 plus 3-4 nights stay and food down there. I pushed as hard as I could. I cannot force people to go somewhere. I even handed your applications out to everyone at our tournament last month. If you don’t think I do everything in my power to support archery in Ohio and your tournaments then don’t come to Columbus for ours. Maybe you should use this posting area to promote rather than complain.


    Jim C

    I know you did Chris. But for JOAD to thrive in Ohio, my kids have to have other clubs willing to compete. Especially in recurve, most events become an intramural affair for CJO. This was not the case when I took over the club around 98 or 99. Then ACE was dominating JOAD in Ohio with Hobart’s clubs out of the Middletown and Troy areas having some strong contenders as well with CJO being at best the 3rd or 4th best club. ACE had archers like Chris Shull and Tara Robey who were national medalists consistently. The JOAD Indoor tournament sometimes had 80-90 kids and the traveling trophies were hotly contested.

    We have been fortunate, We have consistently found kids who luckily have some desire and just as importantly, parents willing to back their kids competing at high levels. That is not something you can guarantee no matter how hard you try. I guess my feeling is-if someone is going to pay the rather outrageous 150 dollars for what is basically 144 arrows and spend the money on hotels, you’d want to be able to compete as effectively as possible which is why we set the program to mirror at least the qualifying round for the JOAD Nationals. (having shoot offs for medals when there at best 4 kids in an event is not helpful IMHO).

    and CJO has always supported the state FITA in the fall and will continue to do that. I don’t see much point in having kids train all summer long and not compete.



    Wow, Chris! You really didn’t get my tone.
    For some odd reason a certain club in Ohio always complains when they have to come to Cincinnati to compete in the STATE JOAD CHAMPIONSHIPS. (Originally the reason was because I was abrasive, so I quit talking to kids/adults from that club, and talked to the coach instead). If a club wants to dominate, that club has to have a contingency at the tournament to WIN,
    You started the whole idea, “When one person bails, then more follow”. How about choosing people out of your club and asking them to come along? A club should be able to subsidize a family, if financially the family cannot afford to compete. The cream always rises to the top, and the way they do, is by competing in tournaments.
    BTW, I was not complaining! I was stating fact. I will ALWAYS compete and bring others with me, because that is how we win!
    Also, I am not competing in the HPM tournament, I am injured in my elbow due to a horse incident. I twisted my elbow pretty good. My hope is to be healed enough to compete in Nationals. Believe me, I want to practice, but I cannot right now. I am on the mend, and plan on shooting Nationals.
    Like I stated, I don’t know what your answer is, (or any other JOAD club) but if you have up and coming kids encourage them strongly to come to all tournaments. I’m talking State, Regional and National events. The reason is like taking an exam! You do your homework (practice), take your quizzes/tests/exams (tournaments) to see where you stack up. At least that is how I look at it. CJO would love some competition!
    The reason I enjoy competing is to see everyone and to catch up with those who we haven’t seen in a while. I love to come to shoots, and I love to leave, mostly because we all have hardware when we leave.
    So, get the competitive spirit going in your club! CJO needs the competition, so we can do better.
    I’m sorry if I offended you. You are the one who stated what you did and I was commenting. ACE ARCHERS should have enough money in the coffers to help club members out. That is how CJO rolls. That is why a club puts on tournaments.
    It is good to have winners and losers, contrary to what some “experts” would say. If we breed a nation where everyone wins, then we breed a nation of losers, who cannot compete on a world wide level.
    Jim encouraged me to look at this thread, and comment if I felt i had something to say. So here I end my commenting on this thread.

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