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    Jim C

    make sure if you have a yeoman you read the instructions on the application

    we will have YEOMAN awards but if there is only one YEOMAN recurve that archer will shoot with the bowman’s, same with compounds. Its too much of a hassle having a complete matt dedicated to one archer and since the smaller kids tend to be the slowest in scoring, its doubly slow if we have to have two targets scoring together. Yeoman is an optional class and is not offered at national tournaments.

    if there are two Yeoman recurves then we will set a shorter target, same with two compounds (we cannot put Compounds and recurves on the same target)



    Can Yeoman Recurves and compounds just shoot on the same target? That way if you have two Yeoman in general you will still only have 1 yeoman target.


    Jim C

    no-for the EJN the compounds all shoot the individual 6 ring 80CM face while the recurve archers shoot the full size 122 CM face



    I understand but since Yeoman is not a real division, their is no reason they couldn’t all shoot a 122 right? If they are preparing for nationals they’ll be shooting the bowman division anyways.


    Jim C

    that’s a good point but I loathe mixing compounds and recurves on the same bale if I don’t have to. due to different flight patterns its just asking for recurve arrows to get broken. We will see what we get.


    Liz Coombe

    Now a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION about the HP/OHIO JOAD Tournament:
    Am I to get it sanctioned or is FAO responsible for that?
    As of the meeting in CLeveland, I THINK FAO is responsible for that.
    I’m confused on this, as I am certain everyone else is.
    I am going to go ahead and fill out and fax the paperwork for the sanctioning today, so I don’t have to wait for FAO to do what they said they would do. I will deduct my cost from the amount we will have to pay FAO.
    BTW, If FAO is not going to do these things then it better be known to all who host tournaments, that they are responsible for getting it registered and sanctioned through U.S. Archery!!
    The INDOOR JOAD TOURNAMENT was suuposed to be sanctioned by FAO, and “It slipped through the cracks”.
    That said maybe we ought to leave it up to the HOST CLUB to take care of.
    I have a good relationship going with many people at USAA, and I can ge tit taken care of in a matter of a few minutes.



    I got the application 5 days ago. I will send in the paper work as I have printed it off today. FAO sanctioned the Case shoot, along with the Double 900. Please let me know if you have questions, but this is pretty straight forward. If you would like to be in charge of having all of the tournaments sanctioned I would be ok with that. I can get you all of the information for the next three State tournaments and you could get that taken care of. I don’t think FAO has a secretary and that seems like a job that you could do. Think it over and let me know. But thank you for the question and the reminder. Keep them coming. 🙂


    Liz Coombe

    I don’t really want to be the secretary, as taking notes at meetings is not my strong point!
    Thing is, I have the paperwork already filled out and am getting ready to fax it, so I’ll take care of this one, because I NEED THE INSURANCE DOCUMENTS FOR WEST CHESTER TOWNSHIP.
    Sanctioning a tournament just means the NAA Insurance covers the tournament for any liability. The host club is responsible for giving the insurance papers to the venue directors. I have already contacted the NAA about this and they are on the case. You can do the other tournaments!
    When I can control something I prefer doing the paperwork because then I know it gets done.
    Thanks for the faith and compliment, but I really don’t need more on my plate than I already have.


    Jim C




    It is fixed. They were under news because the front page only showed the last 5 posts. However I have changed it to 10. It will eventually fall off of the front page along with other posts, but you can find it under events and news.


    Kim Birch

    Look out Cincy – the Stevie/Kim road show is coming to town – sent my registration in yesterday. Dougie is also talking about coming……


    Jim C

    Great-what would Steve Like to shoot. If an adult cannot make 90M we can put them on a Junior bale and they can shoot 70M both days or they can shoot with the masters 70/60/50/30. I don’t know what weight Steve is shooting but we will certainly accommodate him

    Kim send me an email if you have any concerns or need to give us any other information



    Kim Birch

    Thanks Jim. As far as I know, he hasn’t attempted 90m yet. My guess is that he would rather shoot with the women or masters than with the kids. I’ll tell him to call you or Liz if he wants to talk about it.


    Jim C

    compounds participation in our state events are often as many as recurves. Indeed, among the adult men there are more compounds. Kids-recurves are more popular because My club has more active youth than the rest of Ohio and we are primarily a recurve club



    Hey Jim,
    How are the registrations looking for the State JOAD?

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