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    Jim C

    The US JOAD NATIONALS will again be a single distance event with Junior Recurve shooting 70 M on the 122 CM, Cadet Recurves 60 M, Cubs 50 M and Bowman 30 M. Compounds will be shooting 50 M (Junior and Cadet) on the 6 ring 80 CM face while Cubs 30 M on the 6 ring face and Bowmen 25 M on the 6 ring face

    Adults shooting in the National target event

    Recurves and Compounds will shoot the traditional FITA but on the short distances each archer will have an individual 6 ring target and there will be SIX ARROW ends at 50 and 30 M

    It is my intention that our STATE JOAD be run the same way. FOR THE ADULTS I would like FEED BACK as to whether you want to shoot 70 M single distances (like all the USAT Shoots this year) or the National Target FITA. Since SIX ARROW ENDS are going to be the rule, we can run both a JOAD shoot consistent with the National event as well as a FITA consistent with the National event


    Matt Z

    Being that it’s so close to Nationals, I think it would be great practice if the adults did the full FITA. But it would slow the event a bit.



    I agree with Matt. I think the adults should shoot a full FITA. I know it is quite a bit more work to set the field, so that is up to you guys if you want to, but I know in the survey the full four distance FITA round was the major favorite!


    Jim C

    Normally we could not do both since the JOADS shoot 6 arrow ends both days but with the new FITA FORMAT of everyone shooting 6 ring individual spots at both 50 and 30 meters, ( I can see having one target for bare bows where they would shoot full size targets (Btw Nationals has no provision for BBs that I can see) at 50 and 30 but we will only have two on a target) it won’t slow things down too much other than moving a few adult targets. BTW if the adults want to shoot the single distance it would be 50 M/80CM individual target the entire two days for compounds


    Jim C

    I might also look into a team round saturday PM. We aren’t going to do the individual eliminations because many JOAD classes only have a couple kids and none have more than say 4-5



    I’d like to see the adult line run the full FITA as well. Good practice for National Target.


    Gary Sexton

    So a full FITA is 36 arrows each at 90 and 70 Meters on a 122cm and 50 and 30 meters on an 80cm. Does this apply to all age groups above senior or adult men (50+, 60+, 70+)?

    Shooting the second day depends on how you shoot the first day and qualify?
    Or is our tournament different.


    Jim C

    Master Males and Cadet Males and Adult ladies all shoot the same

    70.60 and 50/30

    master ladies Cadet ladies shoot 60/50 40/30


    Chris Worthen

    Everyone shoots both days. The two longest distances first, the two shortest the second day.


    Jim C

    JOADS will shoot one DISTANCE

    adults a full FITA but with 6 arrow ends with the individual 6 rings at 50/30

    If we have Barebows-they will have full size 80s but shoot 6 arrow ends (not a problem with BBs squashing arrows)

    crossbows I will worry about that if I get more than one-probably a 80 CM first day and 60 CM second day like we did years ago (brent and I)


    Liz Coombe

    Approval came from Butler County today, for June 15-17, VOA Museum grounds!
    Getting Insurance documents from NAA for West Chester Township next week.


    Jim C

    I will work on entry forms


    Chris Worthen

    Thanks Jim. Send them over when you have them. If you send them to both Matt and I we will get them up ASAP.


    Jim C

    Application is being finalized, it should be sent to chris by saturday.

    there will be two events just like US nationals and the EJN

    For adults-a full FITA shooting 122 CM targets on Saturday and then on SUNDAY shooting INDIVIDUAL 6 ring targets at BOTH 50 and 30 meters with SIX ARROW ENDS (just like US Nationals 10 days later)

    For JOADS there will be single distance both days just like the EJN (yes I prefer FITAS but since this is a warm up event for EJN we are going to follow USA’s lead)

    ALL RECURVES Will shoot the 122 CM target both days
    Juniors-70M, Cadets 60M, Cubs 50M and Bowman 30 M (if we have more than ONE Yeoman 20 M-if there is only one per class they will shoot 30 Meters with the Bowmen) EJN does not have a Yeoman class

    All Compounds will shoot the INDIVIDUAL 6 ring target

    Juniors and Cadets 50M

    Cubs 30M

    Bowman 25M

    If there are more than one Yeoman entry per gender then they will shoot 20 meters

    If not-25 Meters with the bowmen



    Application is up on events page and front page. Please let me know if anyone needs help with it or has problems with it. I will also be handing them out at the double 900

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