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    Jim C

    Several state records were set based on the 2000 state record sheet I have and they include

    Liz Coombe. Senior Women’s barebow and Master 50+ women’s barebow-The USArchery recently allowed someone to set records for all divisions they were eligible for meaning if a Cadet shot as a Cadet he would also claim a Junior or senior Record
    (liz had the old record for both, prior to liz the Record was Stephanie Griffin’s 707 in 1992. Liz now holds all three records-total, 25M and 18 M

    Izzie Smith-the Age Categories changed after the record sheet was compiled. However, I have had kids at every state indoor since that change and I know for certain her scores in CADET are the highest since the change

    Chelsie Obrebksi was the first senior woman to break 1100 since the records were kept-the former record was held by Connie Kochert who still holds the Master record. The Official record sheet lists Debbie Blum’s 1088 in 1986 but IIRC Connie shot 1097 or so a couple years ago. I do note that Intermediate (18 and under) Tana Lama shot a 1114 in 1987 but back then the NAA did not recognize records set in a youth division also counting for senior records

    (which is why Ed Eliason’s numerous 1300 FITA scores set after he was 50 were not recognized since he competed in senior)



    Is there somewhere we can see this record sheet?


    Jim C

    when I got the Weep Sheet from the 2000 state indoor held at the U of Dayton, state indoor records were sent with it. I still have those. back then the divisions were 12 and under, 15 and under and 18 and under so cadet and cub records are no longer relevant. Those records were only based on FAO records-Darrell Pace for example shot a 1341 FITA before FAO existed and that was not at the state shoot. He however did shoot over 1300 in Ohio Archers outdoor tournaments.

    He currently has the indoor record of 1165-this is lower than his national record set earlier in the same event Connie Kochert’s 1096 in 2010 was the current ladies record but Chelsea Obrebski’s 1105 is now it

    Other records I know are correct are Izzie’s Cadet score-its the highest since the cadet division was created about 10 years ago

    Liz’s BB score for senior and master ladies 916

    Ian Coombe’s 1009 for cub recurve

    I believe Daniel McLaughlin’s 1064 was the highest Cadet recurve score (1064)

    Gary Smith Jr 1179 in Compound (2011) appears to be the highest compound score I can find

    Jamie Vanatta set a world record at 25 meters in 2008 (582) for a total of 1159 which appears to be the high ladies’ recurve score

    Steve Robinson shot a 1074 in the 60+ category in 2010 I believe

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