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    Jim C

    Is rapidly filling up in Fairfield

    remember we only have 36 slots and that might be decreased by one if we have an odd number of 60 CM archers. Get your applications in ASAP


    Jim C


    1 Kristina Townsend BWM R
    2 Karin OH CADET R
    3 Emma Schad CADET R
    4 Emma Cousino CUB RR
    5 Hannah Hanbury CUB R
    6. Taylor Currie CUB R
    7. Alexa Hill, J R
    8. Kelsey Taylor J R
    9. Alaina Kappner J R
    10. Owen Shedroff BWMN R
    11. Carter Lenhart BWMN R
    12. Noah Shedroff CADET C
    13. Ian Coombe CADET R
    14. LIam Smith CUB R
    15. Spencer Johnson CUB R
    16. Derek Hsiao J R
    17. Zachary Garrett J R

    18-19 spots Left


    Jim C

    All 36 spots on Friday night is filled. Compounds will be the first couple targets, rest are recurve.



    JOAD LINE for March 2 is PACKED AND STACKED, No More Room.
    Line 1 has 1 opening
    Line 2, has 11
    Line 3, was just for overflow

    We are missing a few people who shot last year but are not shooting this year, sad, because I am trying to make this a “Permanent Indoor National Venue” so we all don’t have to travel to Michigan or other places, in the lovely weather of late winter early spring!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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