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    Looks like 77 will be the number for the tournament! Hope to see everyone this weekend. Don’t forget the field will be open for practice at 5pm Friday evening.



    X Ring

    Does anyone have any questions before the shoot?


    Matt Z

    Yes, who is X Ring? 😛


    Jim C

    Looks like the current forecasts are predicting far more rain than originally predicted. Sure hope we don’t have to quit early like we did at state last year
    the rain hopefully won’t hit until around 2 according to the last forecast I saw


    Jim C

    Great Job ACE archers. weather and wind was better than expected. Congrats to Matt Zolman-highest recurve score in at least a decade, probably since DP won in 1999. ACE-shoot your new targets so they loosen up!

    everything was done well


    Matt Z

    Agreed! Great job Chris and ACE Archers! Thanks Jim for the kind words. Had a great time shooting with Dan, Tim and Rich on my bale and really enjoyed seeing everyone!


    Jim C

    I looked at old records and note that in 1999 when Matt Z finished second to Darrell at the Ohio State Target, Matt did shoot a 829 900 at the Monday event (labor day). However, I cannot find a double 900 score from 1999 when Darrell won (Art Kitchell was second, Paul Eldridge was one point behind for third, and I was fourth as I recall though I might have this confused with 2000 when Doug shot as well). I think it is safe to say MZ’s score was the highest since then.


    Jim C

    Just found the 2000 results-MZ 1st, Doug P 2nd and I was third-scores were lower than in 1999 due to wind. I know in 1999 I shot a 280 (which was the high 50 score on saturday) but I didn’t place and I remember Art telling Paul that if Paul were to shoot a 6 on his last arrow Art would beat him and Paul promptly shot a 6.


    Matt Z

    I totally remember Art saying that to Paul. And if I remember right, Paul shot the 6, turned around, looked right at Art and said “Congratulations!” and just walked off the line. He was so much fun to shoot with! Feels like forever ago…


    Jim C

    Yes Paul said something like that-the conditions were perfect and it was on purpose (Paul was shooting 1250 FITA scores at that time). I also remember Darrell shooting my target-a perfect x because I shot an arrow and was scoping it when another arrow went into the X and I said nice shot Art and he said “I didn’t shoot” and I looked over at Darrell who said DAMN!. the grass was mowed crooked and it was easy to line up on the wrong target. In 2000, Doug was late getting to the line after a break (He had been talking with Tom DeBerry’s Olympian daughter Trina [King]) and he forgot his sling and we all said HOLD THE BOW Doug and sure enough his Eolla went down range after the first arrow

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)

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