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    Matt Z

    Discussion for the Ohio Double 900



    Get your applications in soon. Just ordered awards…targets..and good weather…all is looking well! 🙂


    Chris Worthen

    Late fee deadline is approaching! Please get your applications in ASAP!


    Jim C

    are you going to start listing entries-If I see who is in I can bug those who are not.
    a couple of my kids are working Kings Island on the weekends so they cannot make it


    Liz Coombe

    About the dates on tournaments…about 9 years ago, my mother was in hospice, and I was at an archery tournament ON MOTHER’S DAY. My mother died on May 21, 2003.
    Since I was at an archery tournament, I DID NOT get to spend her last Mother’s Day here with her.
    I asked that we have a vote on NOT holding archery tournaments on MOTHER”S DAY OR FATHER’S DAY, and EVERYONE AGREED we should NOT hold tournaments on those two days.
    It seems this year, under “new management” we have a TOURNAMENT ON MOTHER’S DAY AGAIN. I am not happy about this, even though my mother is long gone, and so is Jim’s, there are those people who still do have a living mother, and who would probably like, more than anything to be with her instead of at an archery tournament.
    Just asking FAO to look at dates of “Important” Holidays BEFORE scheduling an archery tournament.
    Sorry for the gripe, but it bares saying that many people hold their Mother in highest regard, and should be able to spend the entire day, if so desired with her, instead of at an archery tournament!


    Chris Worthen

    Liz, I don’t know who was running FAO at the time you had this vote, but I was not involved then, and there are no notes that say this. You have waited until two weeks before to complain about this, when I had these applications out 6 weeks ago and it on the FAO schedule January 1st, along with being discussed at the FAO meeting at the State Indoor. We have also communicated via email and text messaging many times since.
    I understand this is a big day for mothers. I know how much I care about my Mother. We will be starting early on sunday and should be able to get through the 90 arrows quickly, hopefully getting everyone home for dinner. I would be glad to take any suggestions or complaints you have via email to and add them into the file I have. Without complaints and suggestions, we can’t make things better!


    Jim C

    Thanks Chirs and yes the mother’s day matter was not recorded any place I could find. It is great seeing Steve Andresh entered in the event!



    I will keep updating the post. We are up to 50 officially registered but it will be growing in the next few days. Keep checking back


    Jim C

    Thanks Chris-our CJO numbers are a bit low this year for a couple reasons. At least two of our more serious archers have AP exams that following week. Another one just started a job at Kings Island working weekends. We might have another two entering though



    My guess is 65-70 shooters…we’re at 54 officially and i know of 5 more officially coming in. Its just a waiting game now.


    Jim C

    I saw Al K tonight-he was doubtful about making it. He said he might not have the energy.



    I have an agent for him if he would like to just shoot. I will try to contact him



    Liz Coombe F B M+50

    Breanna Rutkowski F C Bow

    Carly Phillips F C Cad
    Shelby Doughty F C Cad
    Molly Clawson F C Cub

    Gail L. Yahn F C M+50

    Julie Kitchell F C Sen
    Stacey Garrick F C Sen
    Linda Klosterman F C Sen

    Heidy Rutkowski F C Yeo

    Isabelle Smith F R Cad

    Hanna Mielcarek F R Cub

    Asuka Rogers F R Jun
    Kelsey Taylor F R Jun

    Connie Kochert F R M+50

    Paula Prichard F R M+60

    Chelsea Obrebski F R Sen
    Kimberly Birch F R Sen
    Madison Stiber F R Sen
    Erin Fleak F R Sen
    Chelsea Spengler F R Sen

    Philip McMahan M B M+60

    Mohammed Sakr M C Bow

    Naoh Shedroff M C Cad
    Ty Ronske M C Cad

    Hunter Lemaster M C Cub

    James McCollum M C M+50
    Howard Moshier M C M+50
    Leo Broekhuizen M C M+50
    Andrew Bauer M C M+50
    Bob Wilson M C M+50
    Ray Wise M C M+50
    Jeff Webb M C M+50

    Charlie Worthen M C M+60
    Gary Sexton M C M+60
    Douglas J. Sheliga M C M+60
    Carl Hamilton M C M+60
    Philip E. Earnest M C M+60
    James Held M C M+60
    James L. Yahn M C M+60
    Steven P. Wood M C M+60
    Allen Nixon M C M+60

    Dan Lane M C Sen
    Ken Bullion M C Sen
    Andrew Broelkhuizen M C Sen
    Art Kitchell M C Sen
    Brian Thompson M C Sen
    Sean Anderson M C Sen
    John Boyer M C Sen
    Mark Benadum M C Sen
    Skip Zmuginsky M C Sen
    Sam Alpert M C Sen
    andrew Testaguzza M C Sen

    Richard H. Wiggins M M M+60

    Owen Shedroff M R Bow
    Miguel Palacios M R Bow

    Nick Paselsky M R Cad
    Neal Abels M R Cad

    Ian Coombe M R Cub

    Jim Coombe M R M+50
    Michael Stiber M R M+50
    Richard H. Kochert M R M+50

    Kirt W. Nicholson M R M+60
    Vernon Cole M R M+60

    Steve Robinson M R M+70
    Al Kramer M R M+70
    Thomas DeBerry M R M+70
    Randall Huffman M R M+70

    Matt Zolman M R Sen
    Ben Paselsky M R Sen
    Steven Andresh M R Sen
    Timothy Orvin M R Sen
    Aaron Kleinhans M R Sen
    Dan Zelinski M R Sen
    Dakota Benjamin M R Sen


    Jim C



    Jim C

    best turnout in many years. !!!

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