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    Chris Worthen

    This is to be used to help coaches and archers with form flaws and training.


    Chris Worthen

    I currently have a kid who I increased his draw length by moving his clicker back toward the bow. His shoulder is now coming up some. If I extend the clicker back out he doesn’t get into the proper alignment, but his shoulder stays down. What can I do to help this?


    Jim C

    1) film him-some kids don’t even think they are doing that

    2) have him lean against a wall and have him put his shoulder in the right position and then the wrong one-discomfort quickly shows the right path

    3) kids who have high bow arm shoulders (Ian used to have this problem) generally raise their bow with the shoulder rather than “scooping up” with the ligaments and tendons under their arm have them extend their bow arm fully and come up with the hand rather than raising the arm with the shoulder.

    the russians of course used to smack the student with a stick. a girl I dated roomed with a girl who had been trained by a russian ballet mistress in Germany. she said that was common with Russian coaches-archers, dancers divers!!

    Sharon said she kept her leg really straight on pointe after getting smacked a few times across the shin!!


    Matt Z

    I would also double check posture. Wondering if he’s leaning back (away from the target) and allowing that bow shoulder to rise? Also, if the introduction of the clicker is causing that much of a physical and mental adjustment, back to the blank bale!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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