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    Please, DO NOT melt these down.
    I talked to Mr. Casteel and one of them is a piece of artwork which was BROUGHT OVER HERE FROM ENGLAND to be utilized as a trophy. That said, I would like to attain all the trophies and see what I can have done to perpetuate the beauty of this piece of art. I have a couple of trophy/plaque awards companies I work with here in Mason. Both gentlemen know me and our group very well, and will be more than happy to do something beautiful with these trophies. I will pay for shipping them to me, FAO will not have to pay for shipping. Or we can get them at the State Indoor at CWRU.
    I don’t want a valuable piece of art work “getting melted down” because “nobody wants these trophies!” I do want them. I want to honor the archers who have held them and I want to honor the person who brought that idea here to the US, of a Native American, with a bow, in a canoe. There is the American Spirit of adventure, and the will to survive in that piece of art. As we try to grow our sport, we need to hold on to the ideals that we all hold dear. I hope that the will to have archery survive will be an inspiration to all. Our sport has not changed much in the thousands of years man has been hunting. Technology has brought us to modern day equipment, but the sport is just the same.

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