6 thoughts on “2013 State JOAD Outdoor Application

  1. Additional information:
    On the grounds we will have a wheelchair accessible restroom, and a regular one as well. Also a HAND WASHING STATION! I thought you all might appreciate that for sanitation purposes! All these will be positioned on the driveway, as I don’t think the VOA museum wants port-o-lets on the grass, and it seemed to work well in the past.
    If you have any questions or suggestions call me 513-383-8220.
    There are plenty of restaurants on Tylersville Road, and there is a FRESH MARKET right next door in the VOA shopping center. Some of the restaurants are Chik-fil-a, city bbq, bone fish grill, panera, McD’s, wendy’s, skyline chili, chipotle, noodles etc., panda gourmet, jack-in-the-box, five guys, mcalisters, smash burger, planet smoothie, etc…tons more…bob evans, etc….

  2. It is my intent-since we have so few compound kids to have all the JOADs shoot the big target at normal JOAD distances. US EJN is having Cadets and Juniors shoot 50 M on the 80 CM INDIVIDUAL face targets (meaning if you shoot a 4 or less you get Zero) and cubs at 30 M on the individual 6 ring faces and Bowman at 25 Meters

    if most of the compounds want that I am happy to change it but I have had lots of complaints in the past over making Bowman and cubs and newer cadets/Juniors shoot the 60 ring face

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